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Garage Door Opener Repair/Installation Longmont, CO

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Is your garage door opener making your garage door go up but not helping it come down without the use of a wall switch? Is there too much of grinding noise coming from your opener and are there too many fluctuations in its smooth performance? Or is your door not moving in spite of clearly noticeable moving trolley carriage? We specialize in repairing these or any other problems in your opener. Our services are available all throughout the day. You should call us as soon as you notice any problem in the normal functioning of your opener. If you are taking note of your opener’s performance but still it malfunctions due to any unforeseen reasons, we can bail you out of your predicament.

You may think that if a garage door is functioning with a little bit of trouble, you could overlook the issue and continue using your door. Actually, it is wrong to ignore even a minor issue in your garage door opener or your garage door because a minor problem can easily turn into a major one. Therefore, it is important to get a problem fixed before it makes you spend a lot more than required. Garage Door Repair Longmont employs experienced and highly skilled professionals for garage door opener installation and repair services.

Opener Repair – LiftMaster

We specialize in the repairing of LiftMaster openers, one of the top brands renowned for its wide variety of garage door opener models. LiftMaster openers are offered in Elite, Contractor and Premium series. You can hire us for the repairing of any model listed below, or any latest addition to the range of opener models that the company offers to its customers.

Elite Series

  • 8557
  • 8550W
  • 8587
  • 8500
  • 8550

Premium Series

  • 8355
  • 8360
  • 3240
  • 8365-267

Contractor Series

  • 8165
  • 8155
  • 8065

Call us now to get any problem in these openers fixed quickly. We are experts in offering garage door opener repair services for any kind of opener problems.

Opener Repair –Chamberlain

Chamberlain offers some exceptional openers but like any opener from any brand, the openers from Chamberlain can also malfunction any time. Our technicians are capable of finding the root cause of any problem in the normal functioning of openers from Chamberlain quickly and they can recommend a solution immediately. Some residential garage door opener models that we are capable of fixing efficiently are as follows:

  • 1/2 HPS Belt Whisper Drive with MyQ
  • 1/2 HP LW3000 Chain Drive
  • Belt Whisper Drive 3/4 HPS with MyQ
  • 1/2-HP Whisper Drive Belt Opener
  • LW2000 1/2 HP Chain Drive
  • PD752D 3/4 HP Chain Drive
  • MyQ Belt Whisper 3/4 HPS
  • PD610D 1/2 HP Chain Drive
  • 1/2 HP PD612EV MyQ Enabled Chain Drive
  • MyQ Enabled PD752KEV 3/4 HP Chain Drive
  • MyQ 3/4 HPS Belt Drive
  • HD220 1/2 HPS Chain Drive
  • MyQ 1 1/4 HPS Belt Drive

You can hire us for getting major as well as minor problems fixed without any fuss. Call now!

Opener Repair – Genie

The extensive range of openers from Genie that our technicians specialize in repairing includes the following:

  • 4024
  • 1028
  • 3064
  • 2028
  • 4064
  • 3024

If you have got a screw drive opener model 2568 installed in your home, our technicians can fix that also.

Opener Repair – Guardian

Guardian opener is an excellent choice for those looking for sectional garage doors. The two variants of this opener are as follows

  • Model 628 3/4 HP PRO Series
  • 1/2 HP Model 315 Core Series

You can get your Guardian opener fixed immediately. Our technicians specialize in the installation and repairing of these openers. Call as soon as you notice any signs of malfunctioning.

Opener Repair – Sommer

Sommer offers three opener models to its customers – Synoris 800, Synoris 550 and duo. Our technicians are adept in fixing any problem in the normal functioning of these openers. They can restore your opener to its normal condition without taking too much time.

For New Garage Door Opener Remote, Call Now!

For operating an automatic garage door opener, we have alternatives for a regular remote. These include:

  • 2 Button Universal Remote that can help operate 2 garage doors and openers from most garage door brands in the market are compatible with this remote.
  • 3 Button Mini Remote can help run all Chamberlain openers launched in and after 1993.
  • 3 Button Elite Remote helps operate LiftMaster openers launched since January 1993
  • 3 Button Visor Remote will allow you to run 3 LiftMaster openers launched in and after 1993.

Trust Local Garage Door Opener Repair Professionals

We employ only widely experienced and highly skilled garage door professionals in Longmont. Our customers always appreciate us for offering efficient services at economical prices. If you have always found the cost of garage door opener installation or repair to be high, it is time you hired us! We are a local garage door service provider renowned for cost-effective opener repairs. Our seasoned pros are able to fix any problem in the functioning of an opener from any brand quickly. After fixing a problem, they also give tips to ensure that the same problem does not recur.

Our services are available for simple as well as complex tasks related to garage door openers. Whether you need to hire us simply for automatic garage door opener installation or specialized tasks such as the configuration of a wireless key entry system, our technicians will be at your service anytime. They will provide you with an ideal service based on your specific needs, preferences and, of course, your budget. They will not replace an opener part if it can actually be repaired. The main specialization of our professionals is opener repair rather, which they give more preference to compared to replacement of opener parts.

24/7 Availability of Trusted Garage Door Opener Techies

Our garage door professionals are capable of fixing any glitch or snag in your opener at any hour of the day! However, we really hope that you don’t find yourself in such an emergency. The ideal way to avoid finding yourself in an emergency is that you call us as soon as you detect even a minor sign of malfunctioning in your opener.

Our emergency services are available at no additional rates. You can call us immediately in the middle of the night, during a weekend or a holiday, and our technicians will be at your home without charging a penny more than what they would charge from you normally. We don’t believe in profiting from anyone’s misery! Our technicians can install a new door or opener in your home on the same day if you there is in an emergency.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are committed to ensure 100% customer satisfaction in all our garage door services. You can bank on us that we will provide comprehensive garage door opener repair services to you. That’s why even though you fix up a time for the repairing of your opener, our technicians will still give you a call just before arriving at your home. Before leaving your home, they will clean up your garage and your home to ensure that everything looks as clean as it was before they arrived. Call us now to know more about our services.

Note: We DO NOT sell garage door parts. We provide industry leading service and repair work with the highest quality products available in the market. This is also why we provide 30 day labor warranties and LIFETIME warranties on most everything we provide to our customers. We do not recommend that homeowners perform garage door repair work on their own as it can, and has, caused serious injury and death.

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